Project Space workshop presentation available!

On the 5 day long international workshop we re-thought the urban vacany and the possible reuse of vacant properties in Budapest! Our case study was the Klauzál square (7th district).

The aim was to provide tools and support for the public to develop vacant spaces. Common thread between workshop participants was a reluctance to propose a definitive function for vacant space, rather the objective was to create the tools and support required for the locals to successfully occupy the spaces. A belief that a truly sustainable and durable model requires the active participation and involvement of the public.

Wonderful starting point, thanks for all participants! Your constructive comments are more than welcome!


WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS: Mathis Bout, Machiel Crielaard, Abraham Fung, Zuza Kerekretyova, Zico Lopes, Leonard Ma, Marion Masteh, Klara Muranyi, Julia Oravecz, Levente Polyak, Daniela Patti, Jekaterina Porohina, Ivan Rabodzeerko, Orsolya Veres, Goran Vodicka.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: FÜGE Produkció, Jurányi inkubátorház (Bakk Ágnes), PP Center (Pátkai Marcell), Körút Fesztivál (Piskolti Bernadett), MüSzi (Bársony Juli), Tűzraktér (Balla Zoltán), IG Kultur Wien (Anna Hirschmann, Willi Hejda, Mara Verlic, Raphael Kiczka) and all the people who have contributed to a successful Project Space in Budapest!

ORGANIZERS: Lakatlan Budapest (Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre) & Wonderland Architecture



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