[adaptable city 6] Underused office buildings, new approaches

Date: June 16-17, 2014
Location: Coming Soon! Projekt Gallery (1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.)
Guest: Paul Oudeman (Office Space Intermediary, Amsterdam, NL)

June 16. Monday, 7pm-8.30pm
Lecture by Paul Oudeman

June 17. Tuesday, 10.00am-5pm
Site visits and workshop

Similarly to Budapest, Amsterdam has witnessed a radical decrease of office space use in the past years. Taking a pro-active position to tackle the issue of underused buildings, the City of Amsterdam is stimulating redevelopment and transformation not only organizational (office-space intermediary, transformation team), but also financial (through lease incentives, fines/charges, no subvention) legal and planning (permit procedures, zoning plans).


Paul Oudeman works for the Amsterdam Development Corporation (Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam) as the office-space intermediary of the Municipality of Amsterdam. He encourages and helps property owners to convert their vacant office properties to alternative uses, including residential property, hotels, space for creative endeavours, start-up companies and ‘incubators’. As part of the transformation process, he brings property owners in contact with those looking for property and helps them navigate the municipal process, procedures and regulations.

amsterdam vacant

Empty office buildings in Amsterdam (November 2013). Source: http://www.amsterdam.nl


YouTube Preview Image



Infographics from David Kohout’s research on the functional reuse of vacant Budapest office buildings, 2012



KÉK using a vacant office building in Central Budapest as a cultural hub in 2008, in the months before its planned demolition


The event is supported by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industries and Norway Grants, and produced in cooperation with the Budapest Municipality’s Coming Soon! program.

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