Coming Soon!

Lakatlan’s key partner is the City Municipality of Budapest’s programme called Coming Soon! The two initiatives were launched independently and simulateously, but eventually they find their way to cooperate and thus started to build up an exemplary colleboration of a bottom up and a top down association with similar aims.

The Mayor’s Office has been addressing the topic of the management of empty business premises since the spring of 2012 and set up an internal official working party to investigate the issue and to find modern answers to this problem. A long-term objective is to halt the detrimental process, which the working party intends to achieve by putting a complex programme into effect. Whilst Coming Soon! tries to join the different practices and regulations of Budapest’s 23 districts by creating legal frameworks, Lakatlan mediates between civil society and municipalities, provides consultations and organizes planning workshops.

Lakatlan and Coming Soon! opened together the Coming Soon! Project Gallery, an easily approachable and visible project space and meeting point of different actors: citizens, municipalities, private owners, urbanists, cultural and social innovators. In this space Lakatlan presents the research materials of the recent 1,5 years in a form of an exhibition, titled Adaptable City (only in Hungarian language). The visitors can read in our mini-library about the topic of vacancy and temporary uses.  Our events and event series such as the [adaptable city] workshops or the [variations for vacancy] lectures also take place in the Project Gallery. On the upper floors and in the cellar we occassionally present related art exhibitions and other events, and in the opening hours we are providing an inspirational coworking office space for our partners.

Workshop in the Project Gallery. Photo @ Keresztes István

Coming Soon! Project Gallery
1052 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 14-16.
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 14-19 h
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Photo @ Nagy Szabolcs